I am Kayin. I have always wanted to work in UX design field because I believe good UX makes technology and product simple to use for everyone.


Two years ago, I decided to work on a travel planner project that I dreamed about for years and got understandings of the processes, tools and knowledge about UX/UI design and design thinking. This also allows me to gain hands-on experience on user research, storyboarding and rapid prototyping. 


However, I found that it is also important if I understand the basic concepts of the software development that used to put the design into an actual product. Therefore, I joined Neosen Energy as a UX/UI engineer for about a year, developing asset tracking solutions with IoT technology, applied on: elderly home monitoring, helping farmers to track their cows, car park solutions, etc.


During the one year, I gained different kinds of practical experience besides UX/UI design, including frontend coding, building functional prototypes and even preparing business presentation.


Now I’m ready and I decide to move on to focus on UX. I believe my variety of background and skills would give me new insight in my coming UX design career.

Please find my resume and contact below. :)

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