A planner helping apps work together

There are many types of apps that are useful during different phases of trip planning:

  • Finding inspiration for places to visit and food to try

  • Reservation of flights / hotels / local activities

  • Making and organizing customized itinerary


Information is scattered around.

In my redesign project #1, I created a planner that puts map and note together. (See More

This project gets other parts of trip planning talking to each other and creates a new planning experience.

Never miss out on “Must-visit” 

We know that we don’t want to miss the chance to visit famous and recommended places or restaurants in the vicinity during travel. We can explore top 10 and suggested things to do or eat in the side panel and visualize how close those recommended places are between the places we tagged on the map.

Add locations from travel videos you like

Travel videos are on trend for seeking travel inspiration. As an audience, we also wish to enjoy the same experience and visit the same places as the vlogger did.

This trip planner introduces a new way that allows you to directly add information from a video into your plan. That means you don’t have to look up for the places’ names from the description sections and search where they are on the map.

You can watch the video on the side panel while reading the notes about the trip. If you wish to visit the places shared in the video, you can simply click the plus button to copy the notes into the plan.

Pick a hotel with a few minutes walk 

After tagging the places you are planning to visit, you can check out available hotels in the vicinity on the map. You can pick a hotel with a few minutes walk effortless.

Flexible to book a flight

Not only the hotel reservation, you can also check the availability and prices of flights and make a reservation through the side panel.

Side note :)

My favorite feature is adding locations from travel videos. Not only because I look for travel inspiration through YouTube, but I am also lazy to take notes at the same time. This also makes travel videos more interactive. Users will enjoy watching videos while saving places in their wishlists.

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