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Cattle Temperature Analysis

Project Description

Smart sensors by Neosen Energy help famers to collect cow temperature data for cattle management. Based on studies, the body temperature of a cow indicates its health. Changes in body temperature may show the sign of illness, calving, reduction in milk production, etc. I designed a user interface with visualization of the collected temperature data for farmers.


User Research

Design Mock Up

User Research

Work duties of dairy cow farmers



  • Monitor the health of every cow based on the notes and data on its body or behavioral changes

  • Milk, water and feed cows twice / three times a day

  • Give vaccinations and other injections

  • Assist with calving

  • Maintain health and production records

Farmers collect the body temperature of all dairy cows twice in a day, i.e. morning and the evening. The temperature data provides insights to farmers in order to predict the oestrous cycles of the dairy cows. This prediction could affect the milk production.

Instead of showing a massive amount of data on the platform, a better visualization of information is proposed to assist farmers to quickly understand the changes in the collected data, so that they can

provide necessary actions and cares to their valuable assets.

Design Mock Up

Dot Matrix Chart for Cattle Temperature

Instead of using a line graph to display the collected data, I decided to use a dot matrix chart. This provides a quick overview on the changes and distributions of the temperature data while subtracting the weight of data accuracy which farmers may not concern. Farmers can now easily recognize and predict the oestrous cycles to maintain the quantity of the milk production.

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